Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fom the mailbag...

Naftali comments on "Book 'em, Dano - Organizing Your Gig Book":
This computer system already exists....I saw it at Guitar Center. It is a flat screen (surrounded by rubber...I guess to protect it from the rigors of the road) and you mount it on a mic stand.
I assume he's talking about the Music Pad Pro.

It's not the same thing. I had the chance to buy one for $200 and passed. I’ve researched those and it seems that there is a large unsatisfied customer base. They also require you to transfer all of the files into their own proprietary format. Basically, it lets you view documents and add edits. It’s also an MP3 player. The build quality/reliability factor is not good, I’m told. There's a newer version out that may have fixed some of these issues, but I'm not sold.

This system doesn’t allow for transposition on the fly, as I described, and having multiples for each band member would be redundant, from a cost perspective. I envision a system with one computer (the bandleader’s note pad) with linked screens for the musicians. I’m imagining a tablet Mac with linked screens running a software system that is a cross between Sibelius and Adobe Acrobat.

For the moment, it would be more effecient to buy a dedicated tablet computer if one wanted to go that route. I think the technology is almost there, but not quite, and the software hasn’t been written yet. At least, I’m not familiar with a solution.

One of the big hurdles would be navigating transposition issues when transposing an arrangement results in some lines being outside an instruments range. Also, managing the different screen outputs.

There’s also no internet subscription service for sheet music like that available yet. It’d have to be 100% reliable. And, the venues aren’t wired for net access either.

But, while we’re talking technology, I wonder what will happen if the von-man-band set discovers Ableton Live? Instead of keyboardists, we’ll have DJ’s with sophisticated song marker setups enabling them to play a dance medley and jump to any tune, or even part of tune on demand. It’s a lot of work, but it’s definitely doable, I’d think.

Hadassah writes:
why the hell did matis leave chabad????? chabad was HIM ! he did soooo great......
Psachya writes:
Regarding Weber's Flute Sonata - if you haven't already, try Patelson's. They're at 160 West 56 Street, about a block from Carnegie Hall.They've always been my go-to place for classical sheet music. They also have a website at . Good luck!
They didn't have it.

E. forwards a link to a Dudu Fisher profile.