Monday, October 16, 2006

From the mailbag... post "Sukkot (Sukkis) break" edition

Donny Azamrah writes:
I released a new Jewish music cd recently and was wondering if you could have a listen. You can hear samples at thanx!
The album features soft pop arrangements of Donny's orginal Jewish compositions.

Sruly forwards a link to "Pirating Songs of Praise".

E forwards a link to, a website featuring a clip of a woman singing Nigun Mushka with the lyric "iiii". E also sends a link to some non-musical "peeps":

David B forwards a link to his blog;"Treppenwitz:Rock Star".

Dave Kerner writes:
Just imagine if Hank Williams was born a Chasidishe Yid! Might we then have ... Sukkalaya?


To the tune of Jambalaya, by Hank Williams

Goodbye Joe, we gotta go, shake the lulav
Its a gutta zach, to sit 'neath schach, and feel God's true love
Wind blows round, sun goes down, the full moon shines above
In the sukkah we stay, all night and day, and feel God's true love.

Gefilte fish, Rebbe's tish, rain on my sponge cake!
Crickets sing, we dine like kings, oh for goodness sake!
Hold on tight, for seven nights, and for seven days
Eat in a sukkah, don't forget the brucha, vitzivanu leishaiv!
Scott Rosenblum writes:
I wanted to let you know that the world premiere of A Journey of Spirit, the award-winning independent documentary on singer/songwriter Debbie Friedman, will air on two consecutive Sundays, October 15th and 22nd at 7 a.m. ET/PT (6 a.m. CT) on Hallmark Channel. A Journey of Spirit which won the best film award from the National Council for Jewish Women, and the Detroit Jewish Film Festival award for best new Jewish film 2005 Detroit Jewish Film Festival -- A Journey of Spirit , among others, chronicles the inspirational story of Ms. Friedman and how she has affected contemporary Jewish music.

...if you are interested in seeing the trailer, please feel free to visit YouTube - A Journey of Spirit