Thursday, October 19, 2006

9/13/06 links

Go Shwekey!!! Hat tip, Emes Ve-Emunah.

Here's Krum as a Bagel:
Inevitably, the token Sefardi guy in the shul will be moved to sing "Ein Adir" in a ridiculously overdone nasal-y voice and appropriately Sefaradi havara while the audience all attempts to answer responsively in horrible imitations of the Sefaradi style, complete with ululations and loud falsetto screeching. It's pathetic and the passage of a year does not make it seem fresh by the time next Simchas Torah comes around.
Amen, brother!

Here's a Kol Koreh about Orthodox rapper Y-Love's mixtape w/DJ Handler.

Via Jewschool.

Rav Shmuel confesses to being an Elder of Zion. Funny, he never comes to the meetings.

Did you know that Yerachmiel Begun composed a new Moshiach song for the Meshichist event we blogged a while back. No props to Shwekey on that appearance.

Here's the poster again:

I think MBC fans should print these out, blow 'em up to poster size, and bring them to Miami Boys Choir concerts. Every artist loves fan posters!!!

A Simple Jew reviews two new releases: Nochi Krohn Band's debut and Lanzbom/Solomon's Chabad Sessions

ThanBook writes on "Davening: Drawn-Out or With Kavvanah".

For the Neshoma guys... Hey look! It's Marty Laskin. (2nd from the left.)

Finally, it's Numa Numa, Breslov style!