Thursday, April 01, 2004

JM PR Watch

Here are some excerpts from the April '04 edition of Country Yossi magazine. These all come from the Miami 27 supplement promoting the upcoming concert featuring Miami Boys Choir, Yaakov Shwekey, The Alumni, and Aidan and Dotan.

About Yerachmiel Begun:
Regardless of the venue or theme, each Miami Boys Choir concert is a celebratory event, a testimony to the unsurpassed musical acuity of Yerachmiel Begun.
The essence of a ben Torah, Yerachmiel takes great care to infuse each song with a sense of spirituality, transcending it to a loftier level. The music may be contemporary, the beat may be "catchy", but there is always a distinct element of kedusha.
About last year's concert:
Consider the record crowd who made Miami 26, last year's milestone event that united Yerachmiel and Dedi, Jewish Music's two powerhouses, the phenomenal success that it was, bringing down the house every time that the two superstars broke out into song and dance.
Never before had anything of this nature transpired. A musical milestone bringing together the monumental talents of this dynamic duo. Anyone in the audience that night would surely have marveled at the mere thought of anyone attempting to surpass the magnitude of Miami 26, but Yerachmiel was certainly up to the challenge.
About this year's show:
We personally know of several families who are driving back to Brooklyn on Thursday from hotels in order to attend Miami 27, and we have heard from reliable sources that many other individuals and families are making similar plans, so be forewarned!