Monday, April 19, 2004

Again with Britney

That "Kosher Sex" rabbi pens an essay on the importance of the father-daughter realtionship called "The Britney syndrome."

Sample 'graphs:
Where you do read about a father's central involvement in his daughter's career, it usually leads to respectable women like Steffi Graff and the Williams sisters, who have resisted the offers for provocative photo spreads even after they became famous as tennis stars. This is not because mothers don't love their daughters but because men are much more successful at protecting their daughters from other men. And when a daughter receives strong masculine validation from a loving and caring father, she is usually not desperate for sexual attention from manipulative and hormonal men.
As for the criticisms that too close a relationship with your daughter will impede her ability to later form close connections with romantic partners, exactly the opposite is true. A young woman with an involved and loving father gains the confidence in herself to sever the childhood ties with her father and begin a loving relationship with a man precisely because she has learned to trust men. She has no fear of being vulnerable -- a prerequisite for romantic love -- because her father has shown her an example of a man who can be trusted and relied upon.
But if she feels betrayed by her own father, she will often run to another man more to escape pain than to find love, which is what usually makes her a prime candidate for that revealing photo spread.
I wonder what lessons a man's daughters will learn from a father who allows his writings to be serialized in Playboy, whose books and financial dealings stand in direct contrast to the values and ideals he claims to espouse, and
who is a self-acknowledged publicity hound whose preferred social set includes many of the Hollywood elites like those whose behaviour he condemns in this column.

People who live in glass houses should get undressed in the basement!