Monday, December 04, 2017

Recent Peeps from Da Hood

It's been a while... "The Negotiator" This peep is very wealthy, but can't help lowballing anyway. They'll call for a small gig and when you quote a very fair price, they'll offer your mitzvah gig rate and claiming that that's the budget they can offer and that even that will be split between both families making the simcha. IOW, they're willing to pay half of that total. We just turn them down. Naturally, the negotiator will call back offering more. We turn them down again. In the end, relatively last minute, we take the gig at a small discount that is still within the range we usually get, and well above their offers. Naturally, when we get to the gig, it's quite the affair, with fine cigars, expensive hot catering, etc. After the gig, the negotiator makes sure to ostentatiously pay us, and then adds a tip, bringing it back to $20 less than the initial quote. $20 to create a negative impression. Well negotiated. "I'll Never Use You" This peep is a real charmer. Over the course of the event, he'll respond positively to numerous song selections, coming over to sing loudly along demonstrating his approval, giving us smiles and thumbs up signals and saying nice things about the music when we take a break. At the end of the gig though, he'll come over, introduce himself, and say: "just so you know, I'll never hire you." That's because he's a die-hard Soulfarm fan and there is simply no alternative, as far as he is concerned. He just had to make sure we knew that. Um, ok.