Wednesday, May 28, 2014

More Peeps

"What Intro Are You Playing" Guy

This yeshiva bochur NEEDS to know what rock/pop song/riff you're going to play as a fanfare to introduce the chosson and kallah. No waiting for him; he abhors surprises.

"What's His Name"
This peep needs to know the names of every musician in the band. He's best friends with "Who's The Drummer" guy and "What Intro Are You Playing Tonight" guy. It's always guys.

"Where Are You Tomorrow"
This peep needs no explanation, just a helpful tip as to where he should go panhandle tomorrow.

"The Critic"
This fine peep comments on how you play, comparing your playing to previous occasions he's heard you. Sample quote: "Nice version of Hamalach you played tonight.  Very majestic!"

"The Pervy Mashgiach"
This kashrut supervisor hangs around with the event staff trading masturbation jokes and other such repartee....  then he moves on to making jokes about rabbis issuing lenient rulings for cash...

"Canada Dry Guy"
This wealthy peep is quite the character. Walking in to a gorgeously set room at an event he's hosting, he can only see imperfections, finding fault in all sorts of arbitrary ways. He was most disturbed by the fact that the caterer had suppled Seagrams ginger ale instead of  Canada Dry. The caterer says he has another brand on the truck. No sir, Schweppes is not acceptable either.

"K-Pop Fans"
These yeshivish peeps happen to love K-pop, so that's what they want for their wedding. A K-Pop fanfare to introduce the bride and groom. Betcha Jang Geun Suk never imagined their music at Ateres Avrohom!

"The Mixed Dancers"
A pumping band. A rocking young yeshivish singer, who has jumped of the bandstand and is dancing in front, interacting with the nearby men's circle as he sings right next to the potted plant mechitza at this MO affair. Two middle aged ladies, right on the other side of the foliage, watching him, commenting about how good he is, dancing right along with him, responding to his moves as he does his thing! They are dancing with him, even though he has no clue.