Tuesday, June 01, 2010

6/1/10 Link Dump

Best mouse ever: Boss DS-1 Pedal Mouse.

This is interesting. Recorded in 1942, here's Mr. Hitler by Leadbelly.

G: "I Learn Alone..."

Tablet Magazine has a nice write-up on Mike Cohen's collaboration with the Jews of Putti, Uganda.

Amazon has that recording here:

100% of the proceeds goes directly to the village of Putti.

Oy. Loca indeed.

Rabos Machshavos with Michoel Schnitzler , Lipa & Shloime Taussig.

"Formal Punk", a review of the Shondes latest.

Jeremiah Lockwood plays "Mama Bin Ich Farlieb."

I found בין דין לדין when they linked Blog in Dm in the post "Cognitive Dissonance."

They have a nice post on "Trash-Talking Poets, From the Golden Age To the Ghetto" which includes links to some worthwhile YouTube performances.

Hey look! It's the Shaya and Perry Ringtone!

The election is over, and Joe Lazar lost. But this Joe Lazar Music Video is still noteworthy.

I think someone should start a tribute band to cover these YouTube songs. Tentative set list...

Shaya and Perry
Ikh Vi Zein A Rebbe
Joe Lazaar Music video
Lipa's La Vida Loca (see link above).
and more...