Thursday, December 31, 2009

Shabbat in Liverpool Is Coming!

From the Shlock Rock newsletter...
Breaking News! Prepare for Shabbat in Liverpool!
Hello everyone! After five years it has finally happened! We are proud to announce that we have acquired licensing for Shabbat in Liverpool! This project which takes twenty seven songs from the Beatles and puts them to Shabbat prayers and Shabbat zemirot have received the green light for production! It has taken a long time but when you hear it you will know it was well worth the wait!  This new album which will be released sometime between this coming June and August 2010 sets the table for the greatest year in Shlock Rock History! The 25th Anniversary of Shlock Rock will begin on January 2011 and what better way to start off the pre-celebration with this unbelievable new album! So all Shlockers spread the word! Shabbat in Liverpool will be coming to an IPOD near you very soon. Tell the Kraz – tell everyone! Shout it from the rooftops! Prepare for Shabbat in Liverpool!