Monday, December 07, 2009

12/7/09 Link Dump

Here's an embarrassing Mishpacha Magazine Profile. The answer is no. And the question ought not be asked. Green has released exactly one CD with only three or four original songs.

Klezmer Guy blogs about O.J. Simcha. Check out Shawn Fink's comments. A sad criticism on contemporary Chareidi yeshiva boys.

Boy, I'm glad these scientists were able to confirm their ground-breaking theory. Otherwise, no one would have had any idea!

This one's a gimme! Bob Dylan Revisited - Must Be Chanukah!!

Hey, look! Men at Work plagiarized music for Land Down Under.

Here is House of Pain vs Amsterdam Klezmer Band! This and other Chanukah mixes at Menorah Mashups. is ISO Jewish and/or Israel-oriented Metalheads...

Mark Rubin Inteviewed: Part Deux!

This has been going around. Too Much Joy posts My Hilarious Warner Bros. Royalty Statement.

Gawker posts NBC Universal's Version of the Payday Loan Scam for Freelancers. Many bands have increased their turnaround time on payments from two weeks to a month or more. Not cool. They haven't tried this yet, though.

It's a Breslov Hip Hop video. Here's another Breslov rap video with Breslov female rapper Rinat Gutman and Y-Love.

Shlock Rock's Lenny Solomon is Walkin' The Land!

Over at the Yahoo JM group, someone is criticizing Matisyahu for not having other Jewish bands on the bill at his Chanukah shows. Sour grapes or valid critique? We report, you decide. BTW, I'm pretty sure David Gould of John Brown's Body is Jewish w/ a record out on Tzadik.