Thursday, February 12, 2009

Strange Calls

I've been getting some strange calls lately...

Like the bandleader who calls or texts five minutes before Shabbos about a gig thats months off. Because the slot has to be filled NOW!

Another would be the secretive bandleader who won't say where the gig is. Really.

A slight variant is the office who won't say what time/where the gig is. In that case it's usually a guarantee that's it's either a night gig two hours away or a twilight that'll kill the whole day and naturally, it's for a busy day.

Sometimes they'll say something like "we're not sure which job we'll put you on. There's one gig in Philly and one around the corner from you. (They'll always put you on the one in Philly. And then they'll pay a few $$$ extra for travel. Not enough to make it worthwhile.)

The last one is one who doesn't want to say what the job pays.


NB: Word to the wise. Excepting the first case, it's usually in your best interest to turn down the gig.