Thursday, September 04, 2008

New Music Ban Link Roundup - Updated

Buncha links 'bout da new music ban we blogged Tuesday for ya'll.

Dov Bear posted "Charedi law or Shariah law?"

MO Chassid posted "Fighting Poverty: Creating New Jobs."

The Levite Shlepper posted "Elul Part II: חשבון הנפש."

Noy G. Posts "Finished."

Yeshiva World posted "Israel: Meet the Committee for Jewish Music." In general, the "value" in YW is in the comments.

in a rare, non-Akapella related post, Aryeh Steiner posts "Introducing "The the Committee for Jewish Music."

Failed Messiah posted the subtly titled "Racism Haredi Style:The Bigoted, Ignorant, Race-Baiting "Theology" Behind The Newest Music Ban – Haredi Modesty Squads Act As Bans' Enforcers."

Over at SerandEz, G. posts "Paging Kevin Bacon..."

Meanwhile, Ephraim Luft Twitters.

Life of Rubin posts "Music Ban: Nobody Cares."

Another update:
Emes Ve-Emunah posts "Another Look at Askanim."

Wolfish Musings posts "Rabbinic Committees: Where Are We Headed?"