Wednesday, September 10, 2008

9/10/08 Link Dump

Y-Love posts " Another Rabbinical Music Ban: “Rap is Disgusting.” (Via Life-Of-Rubin.)

Here's a subtle and nuanced music video for a subtle and nuanced Shloime Daskal song. (HT, Chaim.)

Teruah's on a roll. Here's a beautiful post by Jack about "the art of being an Impromptu Jewish Wedding Consultant." He also reviews Rivka Krinsky's new release. Interestingly, she covers Yitzchak Attias' Mizmor LeDavid off of "Gather The Sparks." Relatedly, he recently posted "Kol Isha"

Over at Shemspeed, its "Halachot for the DJ."

Ethnic earworm contest @ Bogie's!

MBD: Mizrahi style!

Frum Satire posts "Jewish Music Hechsher: What exactly is Jewish music?"

The B'nei Menashe have released a fundraising CD.

In the J-Post... Heavy Metal 'hasbara'".

This Daily News article might be of interest to those following the Isaac Hersh story.

Heichal HaNegina posts "The Niggun of His Life!", a post about the celebration of Musa Berlin's 50th year performing.

Finally, here's a nice rendition of a nigun. Anyone know who this is?