Monday, April 24, 2006

4/24/06 Link Dump

The Town Crier reports on one of the sessions at YU's upcoming Israel Vendor Fair.
Flippin Out or Time of Awakening? Chose Your Own Israel Adventure...
Moderators: Dov Rosenblatt and Rabbi Josh Joseph
Dov Rosenblatt, of Blue Fringe, and Rabbi Josh Joseph, Center for the Jewish Future, will discuss the sociological phenomenon and fads of change during the year in Israel. What is the value of external religious change? How can ritualistic changes be meaningful and helpful in accommodating true growth? What are the downsides? Where do you stand on these complicated issues? Join us in discussing how to stay balanced during a year of transition.
TTC doesn't seem to approve, but we think the idea of musician as social commentator is great. We'd love to see more honest and open public dialogue with J-musicians.

For those who've been wondering what Eli Gerstner's Yosis Orchestra looks like...

Chabad Mont Pneimios writes:My First Cantoral Concert. The number of comp tickets being given to supposedly sold-out concerts is one of the largely ignored improprieties in concert fundraising in the JM world.

Here's Michael Alpert:
Asked what he likes most about teaching klezmer dance, Alpert quotes a saying by [18th-century Hasidic sage] Reb Nachman of Breslov: "Mitsvo gdoylo l'hiyoys b'simkho tomid." He offers an English translation: "It's a great mitzvah to be constantly in party mode."
Alpert's involved in so many great bands; especially Khevrise and Brave Old World. Check out Brave Old World for some great New World badkhones. Michael also appeared on Itzhak Perlman's "In The Fiddler's House" project.

Mark Rubin writes on racisim and playing with Kosher Gospel singer Joshua Nelson.

This is just outrageous!
The Anti-Defamation League said on Thursday that it was "appalled" by plans to present the musical "Jesus Christ Superstar" at the Majdanek Concentration Camp outside Lublin, Poland.
LIFE-of-RUBIN has some thoughts on current sefirah music.

Finally, Avremi G. has announced the 2006 version of his wedding book.
I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the release of my 2006 Wedding Book. This edition was redesigned from the bottom up. Fully re-edited with new layout features. It once again includes all the standards such as Od Yishoma, Yidn, Ditto and so on. A whole bunch of new stuff including: A replacement 'Erev Ba' Set; A New section called 'A Breslover Wedding'; A new 'Eli Kahn Opener' set; New songs from MBD, Dovid Gabay, Lipa Schmeltzer and others. The order of the sets and the tunes themselves were re-sequenced to make for more logical flow.

This edition contains 23 more tunes than the 2004 version; 351 in total. Unlike the 2004 version where many tunes had an additional staff for horn lines, the 2006 version does not contain horn arrangements. This is to conserve space and to make the book less bulky. Double staff lead sheets are still separately available.
He's posted the index and some free sample lead sheets on his website.