Wednesday, April 05, 2006

04/05/06 JM Link Dump

In addition to his email, which we included in our last post, Chaim has also blogged his thoughts on Country Yossi. The Town Crier comments.

On a roll, the Town Crier has a hysterical link to a video spoof of MBD's copyright video. This one is by the Law Offices of Dschingis, Khan, and Schwartz.
"Hi, my name is Rob, and I wanted to share an important message with you. All Poskim (Rabbi's) agree that stealing ... all » is wrong. They don't mention any loopholes. Deena D'Malchus Deena means you must obey the laws of the country where you reside. This country doesn't allow taking others peoples music and pretending its your own. This message is brought to you by: The Commission For Taking Responsibility. Thank You Mr. Van De Dachmid"
Chaim's also got another Yidden video.

Here's a NY Times wedding announcement.
The wedding ceremony was strictly Orthodox, except that the bride and bridegroom entered to the music from "Star Wars" and "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Their 134 guests watched as the couple met under the wedding canopy — after not having seen each other for a week in Orthodox tradition — and received blessings in Hebrew, Aramaic and English.
Here's Jewlicious on "Bar Mitzvah Disco: The Documentary."

The Lab Rabbi is quoting some J-music criticism from Rabbi Avraham Blumenkranz:
"Every member of the family must enjoy Pesach, like every other Yom Tov. This is an obligation clearly defined in the Torah as explained by Chazal (M"B 529:15). Pesach is to be looked forward to and anticipated with joy. How contradictory to this joyful approach is the song "I have the Pesach Blues" sung in the "Journey's" [sic] tape. Songs such as these, though intending to be humorous, help feed and even create the dreadful feeling about the coming of Pesach. It would be so much better if people would think positively about Pesach, appreciating the opportunity to show a bit of mesiras nefesh towards the A-mighty and to His mitzvahs.
And, in a valiant effort, JDub's Aaron Bisman posts info about a DJ SoCalled/Balkan Beat Box concert to the Shwekey/MBC/YBC/Eli Gerstner fan club.