Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Pre-Purim Link Dump

Psycho Toddler's posted some Purim bootlegs.

MOChassid writes about the concert that made Aish Kodesh ban liquor.

He also has a Purim post about an evening of Litvish music.

A bit late, here's MoC's St. Patrick's Day Purim post.

LIFE-of-RUBIN has a "Shrekleche" concert poster. He's also posted The Next Big Thing in JM

Here's A Simple Jew on Uncle Moishy.

Here's Wecker's Matisyahu review.

The recovering professional trombone player is in a ZZ Top groove.

Get your Farbrengiton shot glasses here.

Velvel posts some Matisyahu bootlegs.

Here's Noa:
We don't want what I think of as a "red-roses and 'final countdown'" wedding.
Here's a flash movie, Giant Steps by Michal Levy.

Impinging on Only Simchas -- Mazal Tov!

DovBear researches Purim lyrics.

Lammpost points out something interesting about a "secular" song Dan Rather once signed off with.

Finally, here's a nice Buddy Rich drum battle video clip.