Tuesday, March 15, 2005

3/15/05 Link Dump

Here's our eBay item of the day. A Glatt Kosher Huntington Townhouse wedding this Sunday. Paid in full!
(Thanks, Moshe!)

Paul at Bloghead wants to know: "What is the difference between Mozart and Yeedle Werdyger?"

Drummers and percussionists will like this method of tax collection.

Prodly went to a Simply Tsfat concert.

MOChassid was invited to Blue Fringe's Purim gig at B.B. Kings.

You can now Pre-order the NEW Matisyahu on Amazon!

Haaretz has a list of Israeli Jazz venues.

Here's an interesting Messages from the Ether post.

chikkimunkee is plugging Jeremy Gaisen.

Finally, here's ADDeRabbi on "yehei shmei rabbah" at the Siyum Hashas:
And besides, Phoebus also pointed out (at the last Siyum 7.5 years ago) that the ma'ariv minyan at the end of the Simon & Garfunkel concert in Central Park had a much more impressive yehei shmei rabbah.