Wednesday, August 11, 2004

We Make Up For It In Volume

Here's a rant about the music volume at weddings.

Would that this is so:
Chances are that the members of the band think they are impressing their audience with their talent by equating earsplitting with "cool." In a misguided attempt to win over fans and potential bookings, they blast their music. But their reasoning is totally off. If anything, they are ruining their reputations and a chance to get hired by guests who are planning their own simchas.
The reality, unfortunately, is that people DO NOT appear to take this into consideration when booking a band for their own simcha.

In fact, we recently talked with one Chosson who had only one request for the music at his wedding: "It should be loud!" We didn't book the gig.

If bandleaders felt that they would pay a price for playing too loud, namely, in reduced bookings, the situation would improve dramatically. Sure, there would still be problems... but not like what's out there now.