Monday, June 21, 2004

The Jewish Michael Jackson

Bloghead is quoting a report that the Manchester rabbis removed a ban on today's Manchester concert.

Meanwhile, the Daily Telegraph reports on the ban in an article titled "He's the Jewish Michael Jackson - so why does a group of rabbis want to ban his concert?"Here's a doozy of a quote:
David Holder, the concert organiser, called the protesters "basically unhinged" and insisted that tonight's event at the 1,800-seat Lowry Theatre would be a sellout.
Here's a list of the Manchester rabbis who had called for a boycott of the concert.

Rabbis in the MBD boycott:
Manchester Beth Din dayanim
1)Rabbi Osher Westheim
2)Rabbi Gabriel Krausz
3)Rabbi M M Schneebalg of Machzikei Hadass
4)Rabbi Simcha Bamberger of Daf Hayomi
5)Rabbi Y Wreschner of Adass Yeshurun Synagogue
6)Rabbi Y Horwitz of Satmar
7)Rabbi Leibish Rabinowitz of Shaarei Tefilah Synagogue
8)Rabbi Sammy Goldberg of Damesek Eliezer Synagogue

Does this mean that Shmuley Boteach will be appearing on TV to discuss the issue???

(Thanks to all who emailed with links to the Daily Telegraph article.)

Updated 8/11/04:
David Holder, who promoted the recent MBD concert in Manchester writes:
It's been a while but during the last couple of weeks the Press Complaints Commission in the UK has obtained transcripts of my interview with the Sunday Telegraph. The commission adjudicated last week and found that the interviewer had indeed distorted my words and placed comments out of context in order to sensationalise her story.
They instructed the Sunday Telegraph to print a clarification in a prominent area of the newspaper and this happened on page 2 of the issue of Sunday 8th.
It can be found here: Telegraph | News | News in brief
The text reads:
Further to our article of June 20 headlined "He's the Jewish Michael Jackson - so why does a group of rabbis want to ban his concert?", we would like to clarify that remarks made by the concert organiser, Mr David Holder, about troublemakers in the Jewish community, were aimed at a Right-wing religious group in Israel rather than a separate group of eight Manchester rabbis.