Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Misty Mountain Memories

LILEKS reveals he saw Zep in '77:
Awe. I swear, a semi-circle formed around me. I felt like someone describing my role in a great battle.
And so I looked to the guy next to me to see if he was rocking, but he had turned green, man, and I vowed that he had not rocked in vain so I said WHOOOOOO and the fellow next to me --never saw him before, or after, but I'll never forget him -- he took off his shirt and lit it on fire and waved it around his head like some Viking Bezerker just as Zep crashed into Immigrant Man, and I realized that we would forever pity the men who were not here to rock with us this day, for truly we had rocked in a way few have rocked since.
And for an encore, my friends, they played Stairway to Heaven. No one saw that coming. No one.