Sunday, March 28, 2004

Remembering Ira Silber Z"L – In Conclusion

Over the past week, this site has had numerous hits from people who have searched the 'net for info on Ira Silber and have found the past week's posts here. We have been honored to host these memories and would like to thank David Bogner for the suggestion that we do so.

If we may add one final thought; in addition to touching many with his music, both through his performances at weddings and his many Ruach recordings, Ira also influenced the JM scene through his transcriptions of many of the tunes that have become "club-date" standards. For years, musicians aspired to get their hands on a copy of Ira Silber's book, and there is probably no better source for someone wanting to learn the "smorgasbord" repertoire. Ira leaves behind a great legacy of music, but even more importantly, he leaves behind a good name among those who knew him.

Yehai zichro baruch!

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