Sunday, August 08, 2021

Just Stop It!

I have to say this!

It's becoming a thing to do the Shlomo Carlebach bit in the middle of Im Eshkachech. "If you would have stop a Yiddele on the way to the gas chamber and ask him 'where are you going?' He'd have answered: 'I'm on my way to Yerusholayim'... etc." I've had several singers do this at gigs I played.

I can not express how tasteless I feel this is. I have no words. Just chills. You all need to stop it; not post video clips of yourselves doing it. For goodness sakes, there are still survivors at some of these events and there are many children (and grandchildren) of survivors. Maybe Shlomo could pull this off (I'm not convinced). You, however, definitely can't.