Wednesday, January 13, 2021

From the mailbag... Orthoglocks

From the mailbag:

After a somewhat short to medium length hiatus from releasing new music, Orthoglocks is the latest (and first of 2021) Edd Bundy 'Themed' beat tape to be released.
Basically taking things back to ancestral roots, this instrumental album embodies and delves into the Jewish musical world whilst adding the usual Edd Bundy sounding Hip Hop twist on things.

The entire project is available on a "name your price" basis via Bandcamp, just trying to brighten up the day of a few people along the way in a time where importance lies on a few laughs, a few smiles and some really good Hip Hop.


01 Bund The Edd
02 Hella Greater
03 Going AvraHAM
04 Its Shalom Shot
05 Jank Coy
06 Tumbala Liker
07 Dreidilla (Skit)
08 Eights
09 Jew Shot Yananana
10 Synagogue Chess
11 Halev Ready