Sunday, December 25, 2011

Blog in Dm T-Shirt Giveaway

A little while back, Sam at contacted me to offer some free custom T-shirts in exchange for a review on the blog.

After some thought, I decided to accept his offer. I also decided to use the opportunity to create a shirt that otherwise wouldn't exist (ruling out a band shirt, commercial concept, etc.) Looking back, one of the major topics I've covered on the blog has been bans. So, I created a shirt that comments on the topic.

As part of "reviewing" the process, I decided to limit myself to using their online shirt designer, instead of uploading artwork, etc. So, the shirt was completely "designed" on the ooshirts website.

Doing so was quite simple. I created the text, placed it on the shirt, and then created a 2nd layer of text (the strike-through lines) and placed that over the first layer. I'd estimate the entire thing from selecting a shirt style to completing the final text took me under 5 minutes. (I did spend some time fooling around with different design options/texts first.)

After an in-house designer reviewed the design, the order was submitted. I received a proof, and then about 10 days later, I received the order.

The brand/style shirt I chose was "Anvil organic" T-shirt in black with white printing. The shirt feels great and the printing looks good. About the only criticism I have, is that I'd have preferred a different "question mark", but that is a limitation that can easily be worked around by designing the text in your own program and uploading it, instead of limiting yourself to the somewhat limited collection of fonts available in the online designer.

You can see the shirt here (click on the pictures to see a clearer resolution. The text is sharp and crisp on the shirt.):

And now, I'm going to give one of these shirts to a reader. But, you'll have to earn it. I'm opening my inbox for guest-posts on any music related topic. Best one wins one of these very limited-edition shirts in size L. Send 'em in by Jan 15th and I'll pick a winner shortly thereafter. I reserve the right to reject posts I deem unacceptable/unfair. (I'll ship this in the continental US. If you're outside the US, you'll need to cover the shipping if you want the shirt.)

G'luck! May the best man/women win!