Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Fighting Lies With Lies

Life In Israel posts about a radio interview with MBD about his recent concert "for women only" in Israel.

MBD talks about the lies pro-ban activists have been saying. Like this one:
He said that before his last performance, the one to a woman only audience, Rav and Rebbetzin Landau (the rav of Bnei Braq) called the head of the organization and said that they had been told they were bringing a dancer to perform. The organizer was in shock and after a moment responded that it is not true but there is only one performer at the show and that is Mordechai Ben David. The Landau's thanked her and wished her well. MBD says he is happy the Landaus checked out the story and did not just sign based on what the askan tells them, like many other rabbonim do.
Rafi and the comments section call out MBD on his own dishonesty. He's been flogging a revisionist history for a while already. It's not working.