Monday, December 13, 2010

From the mailbag...

Yehudah Katz emails a link to his latest music video.

Steven writes:
I have been trying to locate sheet music of songs performed by Etti Ankri. Been surfing the web with no luck. Even emailed her and got no response. Any Ideas??
Anyone have any suggestions?

E. emails a link to "Why Can't We UnFriend?" by War.

Christina emails:
Hope you're doing well! I wanted to send you a quick e-mail to introduce you to The Yule Logs, the world's greatest Christmas and Hanukkah Rock 'n Roll band from Chico, CA. They recently released their sophomore album, Walked With A Reindeer on Nov. 9th and I wanted to see about getting them a feature on your site.

Check out their hit Jewish song, "Hanukkah Mambo" here:

The Yule Logs truly encompass all that holiday spirit stands for! Let me know what you think!
"The Hesh" writes:
Here's a link to a blog I just posted, related to the whole issue of the supposed Jewish music ban.

Of Laws, Lockstep, Bans, and Boneheadedness | The Hesh Inc. on music

Enjoy. Let me know if you have any commentary.