Wednesday, September 01, 2010

9/1/10 Link Dump

It's been a while...

I want this for my B-day!

A nice review over at the Forward's blog: "These Breslov Tunes Were Saved by Rock & Roll."

Here's a bizarre video. ‘Sinner’ Singer Given "malkas' 39 Lashes By Rabbis.

On the Jazz front, check out this trackby Danny Zamir and Evyatar Banai.

"Jewish Music’s Elite Sing For Rubashkin." No comment. On the same topic, here's "A Song for Sholom."

Hey Ayatollah, Leave Those Kids Alone!

Check this out! Makom on Kobi Oz's Mizmorei Nevuchim. Resources for educators who want to use the material on his new album.

The Second Son compares Jewish and secular songs. Best catch. Lev Tahor's Im Lavan Garti similarity to Lionel Richie's Cinderella.

Patric Aleph writes "Wearing A Yarmulke Got Me Laid." Oy.

Hampton Stevens writes "How Matisyahu's Hasidic Reggae Music Made Me Cry."

Klezmer organ!!!

"Senior Citizen Choir takes on Hip-Hop!"

Abanibi = "Dance Fever"

Augean Stables: "Only Israel has no right to defend itself…"

What? "Rabbinate To Strip Authority of Rabbis Who Sing Under Chuppah."