Monday, March 08, 2010

3/8/10 Link Dump - UPDATED

Via Teruah - Jewish Music, here is the Yiddish Song of the Week website.
This initiative is part of a larger effort by the AJFRP to revitalize traditional Yiddish folksinging performance and research on the subject. To that end, this website will emphasize field recordings of traditional Yiddish folksingers from around the world contributed by folklorists, ethnomusicologists, musicians, singers and collectors.

Each Yiddish song will be presented with Yiddish words and translation, along with commentary from the contributor. Since the website is a blog, we hope that each song contribution will elicit comments from others on the song itself, or on the singing style of the singer. Perhaps others will contribute a variant of the song from their recordings, etc.
The following could be interesting. (It could also just be marketing for specific Jewish artists.)
Lishmoa is an innovative new educational curriculum using Jewish music to teach text study, values & ethics, Hebrew, and social justice within a Judaic framework. Lishmoa seeks to transform Jewish education through the power and spirit of Jewish music while promoting the purveyors of Jewish music from around the world.

Lishmoa presents a synergistic approach to Jewish education utilizing music, videos and the internet– conveying the traditions and history within Jewish music blended with the future of technology and innovation.
Lishmoa's Will Samuels writes:
Thank you very much for including Lishmoa in today's "Link Dump." Just to clarify- our goal is to include a wide variety of established and upcoming Jewish music practitioners within the curriculum. We hope to be able to expose folks to the vast array of talent that is out there within the many varieties of Jewish music. Through the Jewish music companies (such as oysongs, Shemspeed, and Jdub) and blogs (such as yours and Teruah), we have been able to discover some great new talent, and we look forward to incorporating their work into the curriculum.

Punk Rock prejuidice?

Hirhurim comments on the demise of the Life Of Rubin blog.

Another outgrowth of the Lipa ban...

Now he's published a Hagadah!

in this wedding clip, the groom walks down the aisle to the theme from Sesame Street.

This is aggravating!
My sister-in-law, a very fine Bais Yaakov girl, from Lakewood, who I am very proud to be affiliated with, is involved in a youth tznius organization. She not involved in terms of ideology necessarily, but does a lot of work for them. In any case, she recruited me to sing on CD they were sending out in a mass-mailing. (My brother wanted to hear the cd, but he can’t listen to any of the other girls singing, so having me, his sister, accompany her was the perfect solution).

I had a great time recording. It was my first time ever and I enjoyed the experience. Me Geit Veiyter.

I was by my parents for Shabbos and I don’t recall how it came up, but my mother ending up slipping to me, that the tznius organization wasn’t going to be using any of the tracks that I sang on. They loved my voice, it’s beautiful, don’t get them wrong. However, in comparison to my sister-in-laws voice (which is quite nice) mine is much more trained, and since the purpose of the organization is to promote tznius, they didn’t think it was a good idea to have a voice like mine on their cd.
Read the whole thing!

Here's Forest Hills State of Mind with Billy Eichner and Rachel Dratch. It has an explicit content warning.