Monday, January 25, 2010

1/25/10 Link Dump

It's been a while and the links have been piling up.

Over at Matzav, there's an article by Rabbi Yosef C. Golding titled "A Parents Guide to the Music Your Children Listen To" "The Jewish Music Hechsher Idea is Ludicrous; However…"

The Columbia Klezmer Band plays "Kad Yasvun."

Avrohom Fried releases a cover of a new popular Slonim nigun, Ki Hirbeisa. You can hear the whole song at the link.

Here's Tablet Magazine on "Blessed Bluegrass." There some audio clips including one from Anbdy Statman's unreleased but legendary "Shabbos in Nashville,"

Mix some creative YU students, finals, and some Na Nach music and voila: "A Ruckus On The Fourth Floor of Gottesman."

Betcha Kellog's won't like Morah Music 3: Snap, Clap N Tap!

While we're at JMR, here's a worthwhile article, "Alternative Jewish Music - The Israeli Scene, Part 1."

The Jerusalem Post profiles Johnny Shualy in "Fantastic Mr. Fox."

On a troubling note, reported "Chasidic Superstar Arrested for Abuse." If true, his career should be over.

Kind of Bloop: : An 8-Bit Tribute to Miles Davis' Kind of Blue.

Dan Sieradski is in the midst of prpopsing 31 Ideas. Number 9 is Niggun Please: Jewish Liturgical Music Database.

The Second Sun parodies Abie Rotenberg in "The Agudah Convention (A Parody)."

VIN profiles Yehuda Menashe in "New Kid on the Block: Ger Tzedek Takes Chassidic Music Scene by Storm."

Here's a Carta Parking Lot Music Video. Every riot should get it's own music video.

Shemspeed posts " Lipa plays Britney." Here he does Black Eyed Peas.

Metal Jew asks: "Do you have to be orthodox to make good Jewish religious music?" posted an Op-Ed on Jewish Dancing.

Finally, here's the Banjo Billy promo video.