Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Anon writes:
I had this experience when I was a guest at a wedding last week. I asked the Chosson before the wedding if he has the music taken care of and he said that his friend 'has a band'. At the wedding, I saw familiar musicians (Ron Bertolett, Mike Koon, etc) but I saw a band name I've never heard before. I realized that we can use a lot more bands out there, so I decided with the economy in the shape thats its in, i'm coming out with a new product:

"My Friend Has a Band" kit


1-Full color music stands and business cards with your original band name
2-7 Music books by Avremi G
3-A phone book with 200 musicians's contact info (we'll even throw in Mordechai Ben David's cell phone #- so you can say "I work with MBD")
4-all inclusive guide with topics covering marketing to friends and guys in your Yeshiva ("yes, we have the same musicians as Neginah and Neshoma but we charge much less") and much more!
This has been an ongoing issue for years. Usually, these guys book one or two moderately successful gigs (meaning they got through them without any severe trainwrecks). Then, they spectacularly crash and burn either when the client has specific musical needs other than Shwekey, or on a moderately busy day, when Psachya, Mike Coon, et al, aren't available.