Tuesday, June 27, 2006

From the mailbag...

David Linn sends a link to a musical post he put up on Beyond Teshuva this morning, "Live on the Radio: The Seeds of Teshuva of a Nascent Rock Star".

Another clubdater comments on "Wedding Hall Anomalies":
Two things about Marina come to mind.
There was an old bathroom attendant at the Marina who used to sit next to the sinks and eat a main course while talking to guys sitting on toilets doing whatever it is they do, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. He always had the Yankee game on his radio, and he must have been a retired well connected mobster, because he used to get the game in the middle of January.

I have had similar experiences with Tommy, the manager at Marina about keeping the Bandstand clean. The truth is, that hall may be very popular, but it's management has been overtly anti Semitic at times, and its a shame most people don't know it.
A frequent wedding goer writes:
How about how in every hall, no matter where or when or how many avaialable electrical outlets there are or aren't, the music is just too darn loud always? Sorry - it has been a busy June season, and every bandstand was unique and different, except for the same unreasonable, abnormal, deadly deafaning volume of the music.
Obviously, he hasn't been attending the right affairs.