Monday, May 15, 2006

5/15/06 Link Dump (Sewer edition)

Stepping into the sewer, the lovely Jew haters over at Liberty Forum have discovered an old thread discussing revenge, a discussion started when someone posted a link to my post on Dov Shurin and the inappropriateness of performing his song, "Zochreini Na." Here is my original post, "Radical Jewish Music (Not by John Zorn)". Here's a related post,"Singing of Revenge." Talk about missing the point! I'm referring to the'ers.

LGF has posted "Voices from the Past, More Relevant Than Ever", an audio link to a rediscovered BBC recording from April 20, 1945, featuring newly liberated inmates of the Bergen-Belsen Nazi death camp singing “Hatikvah” — for the first time in 6 years.

Shira Salamone is quoting a Lenny Solomon tune, "Davar". The tune, the album closer on "Shirei Boker", an album setting the AM liturgy to music,is a fun setting of the text found at the end of Korbanos.
Davar halamed may-in-yano
v'davar halomed mesofo,
v'chayn shnay ksuvim hamachishim zeh et zeh.
Ad sheyavoh hakasuv hashlishi v'yachria bay-nay-hem.
The track features a masterful kazoo solo played by Gary Wallin, and quite influenced my approach to that instrument.

Here's a link to buy the sheet music for John Cage's composition, 4'33. We're thinking of using it as a fanfare to introduce the couple at weddings just before the 1st dance. What do you think? Here are various clips of 4'33" in MIDI, .wav, and OGG formats.

Finally, Kallah Magazine is shocked that a potential simcha industry advertiser would think that he's entitled to dictate editorial content and which of his competitors ads may be accepted. It's nice to see an advertising circular with a sense of ethics.