Thursday, July 14, 2005

7/14/05 Link Dump

Here is Not The Godol Hador on "Yidden."

Dr Yitzchok Levine writes about simchos in this week's the Jewish Press. Here's his take on music:
I have been at chasunas where the music was so loud that I could not talk to the person sitting next to me without shouting. We simply could not hear each other over the music. Indeed, there are times when guests leave the hall to find peace and quiet. Why is louder considered better? Why can`t the decibel level be such that one can hear the music and carry on a conversation? Why does one have to risk damaging one`s eardrums to participate in some chasunas?

Today it is the custom for young couples to bring infants to a chasuna. I can only wonder at the irreparable damage that may be done to the hearing of these young children. Given this and other considerations, it is incomprehensible why young couples think it appropriate to bring infants to simchas. Years ago this was almost never done. Has something changed that I am not aware of?
With regard to his first point, there's a simple solution. If people would note which bands are the ones that are playing too loud at the affairs they're attending and would resolve not to hire them for their own events, then the problem would cure itself. There are several bands that are quite volume conscious in the NY area and are good options on musical grounds too.

His second point strikes me as er... less then compelling, despire the fact that he is correct that babies shouldn't be exposed to loud music. In my experience, the babies present at weddings are usually either the siblings or nieces and nephews of the Chasan and Kallah. In most cases, there simply is no childcare option that is appropriate, other than having a sitter attend to the children in the wedding hall.

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