Friday, January 07, 2005

Yet More Matisyahu Emails

Steven Weiss responds to MoC:
In response to Moc: From another with a MO perspective

"What is very clear is that as a direct result of the Mattisyahu gig, quite a number of 16, 17 and 18 year olds at HAFTR went to his gig at BB Kings (and, I think Irving Plaza), both treif nightclubs where drugs, alcohol, body surfing and other stuff goes on."

With all due respect, have you ever been to BB Kings? It's not like you buy a ticket and get a complimentary joint, and flask at the door. Your branding of the venue as treif is based on what exactly? BB Kings is a concert venue with great sight lines and sound. What Shul or high school auditorium will be able to provide music lovers with the same concert experience? MO high school students, do not need to go to a concert to score drugs and alcohol, believe me. I was once one of them.

" He was told by his daughter that she was going to a "Jewish concert" and he was actually very happy about that. He also reasoned that since Mattisyahu played at HAFTR, it must be kosher"

Sounds like he is able to communicate with his teenage daughter to me, the man should be commended. Remember this young MO lady went to a social gathering with 1,000 other Jewish kids, and listened to an artist sing about his love of G-d and his devotion to his faith. Perhaps she should have stayed home and watched hours of crap on TV, or surfed aimlessly on the internet instead?

"Many of these schools have drug and alcohol awareness programs and have (perhaps unsuccessfully) addressed issues of teenage sexual behavior."

Unsuccessfully being the key word here. If Yeshiva's would concentrate on instilling a love of Torah and Judaism from early on, instead of force feeding us everything, many of societies ill's would be less of a problem. Kids would have a better understanding as to why these vices don't jive with a Torah life, and discussions about enjoying Jewish music in a club setting wouldn't be necessary.

Also, C. Rubin writes:
I must say two things I feel very strongly .. and one thing on the web issue ...

A. Who says he (Matisyahu) asked HASC to be on their show ... id assume from his current explosion of success from out of nowhere ..HASC wanted one of the hottest names in JM on THIER show, and since they are obliviously doing it as a surprise they think its worthy of that type of excitement .. as Sruly Williger is not their surprise .. no offense to him ...
So my first point is he isn't "bringing his music" to the Frum/HASC world .. they possible though i think more so probably have invited HIM into THIER world (JM/HASC)

B. and in my own opinion the MOST IMPORTANT THING .. the parent has the MAIN responsibility in all of this as the buck stops with the father and mother when it comes to chinuch .. not the school, the shul, the kids friends, the kids musical interests ... the FATHER AND MOTHER, must say .. ok .. son or daughter where is this show? someplace called BB Kings .. in the city .. 8.30 at night .. hmm ... since i didn't grow up in Kansas .. I think its safe to assume i should check into this venue that has a show at 8.30 at night on a sat in the city .. it aint Edward R Murrow Hall -ya know ... don't give me this you know what - how the daughter says to the father i want to go to a "jewish concert" and he says ok .. dum did diddee doh ... that's so beautiful go wherever you want ... since its JEWISH ... what kind of lazy parenting is that??

If i dont want my kid being in that type of world or place, i will take an active role, making sure he/she is going to a kosher area, with music i deem as kosher being the parent, with friends who i think are kosher friends to be hanging out with .. dont blame all of the frum worlds problems on HASC and Matisyahu and Noah Solomon .. please ...

and regarding access to web sites .... same thing goes ... any "charedi" or frum household that has access to the web (were talking Ave J kids here ... not Williamsburg or 13th ave.) the parents should be monitoring the kids access as well, just as easily as they could go to Matisyahu's site and see his shows they could see anything else in the world including non jewish music bands, or a billion other things available on the Internet, use your imagination ... unless you think a kid going to a Matisyahu show in the city cause of the Internet is the worst thing ON THE INTERNET a frum kid could access ...
next .. a kid on 13th ave or in Monsey or in Williamsburg probably doesn't have NORMAL access to the web, and if he/she does .. either the access is severely limited and watched like a hawk ... or its some sort of weird rebel modern chaseedish monsey world, which in that case no amount of emailing or blogs can help ..

PS - I AM a parent so im not saying this as some snot nosed 16 year old kid .. im 32 and have 3 kids, one of whom is 9 and very often wants things I have to tell him he cant have .. being a parents is not easy but you cant hand it off to the "community" or "hasc" to raise your kids ...