Friday, December 10, 2004

12/10/04 Link Dump

YUTOPIA is playing "Name That Tune."

A reader thinks there'll be some controversy over Shimon Craimer's album cover. (View it here.) Other than the loons who see crucifixes everywhere, I can't see why anyone would have problems with the Union Jack.

White Shabbos has a new Chanukah song.

Here's Greg Sandow on how to talk about music. is offering digital music and sheet music downloads. It will be interesting to see if this model -- there's apparently no copy protection on the songs -- works. Also, some of the sheet music they're selling at $1.50 per sheet is available for free download on the original composer/performer's websites. (i.e. Yehudah!, The Chevra, and Shalsheles.) It'll also be interesting to see if and how the publishing/licensing rights issues raised by this will be worked out.

Finally, those of you who have received iPods as Chanuka gifts will now be able to jam along with the new iKazoo.