Friday, July 02, 2004

Speaking of Sheet Music

Here are some links:

The Chevra have added the lead sheets to the songs from Chevra 2 to their website.

Shloime Dachs has added the lead sheets to the music from all of his albums to his site.

Yumi has the sheet music for the songs on his recently released debut album on his site. (They're also included on the CD itself as a data file -- an interesting idea.)

Yossie Rose has sheet music for some of his songs on his website.

Avremi G. is dishing out free ice cream on his site here and here.

Here is sheet music. for the themes from popular video games.

For those guitarists who can't read sheet music, here's the guitar tablature for mmusic from Mario Bros.

Finally, for those looking for something with more sophisticated harmonies, here are a bunch of jazz charts. These appear to primarily consist of scans from the "Real Book."